To find and play the best casino games is easier said than done. With over a thousand games, including different variants of poker, blackjack, roulette, and others available across platforms and almost each having its own different RTP (return to players), it may seem puzzling to an extent to select exactly what you should play.

After all, gameplay, interface, chances of winning, and the entertainment factor are some of the boxes that must be ticked while looking for the best casino games. 

To make it easier, let’s sift out the top casino games and their variants from the pile in no particular order.

Roulette - American and European variants

Also called the wheel of fortune, roulettes are the best games for beginners who have never really had hands-on experience with online casino games. However, winning through the ball on the roulette wheel is more about chances than skill and a lot depends upon the game’s algorithm as against the player’s strategies.

The players can place side bets along with the main bets and bet on a corner number, column number, odd or even, and red/black colour. European Roulette and American Roulette provide sharp graphics which give them an edge over their competitors. The payouts on roulettes are also handy compared to other games like poker, blackjack, and baccarat. 

Blackjack - European variant

Blackjack is a famous house card game hosted by almost all casino platforms with lucrative returns. The objective is to make a total of 21 points with your cards before the dealer does. Unlike roulette, winning in blackjack requires different strategies along with a touch of fortune. European Blackjack is also unique from live versions as it hosts a better interface and gives a smoother experience.

Slot game - 7 Fortune Frenzy

Just like roulette, slot games are also based on chances rather than strategies and make up over half the casino games across online casino platforms. 

Progressive slots, Megaways slots, 3D slots, and 3 or 5-reel slots are some of the ways you can win in online slot games. 7 Fortune Frenzy ranks above others due to higher payouts on Super Slots.

7 Fortune Frenzy centres around the number seven, which is considered lucky for some. The player is given a handy welcome bonus and the trick to succeeding at this game is to connect with one of the three feature symbols on the fourth bonus wheel and activate the Frenzy feature.

Poker - Texas Hold’em 

Texas Hold’em is one of the best poker games online. For the newbies, poker is a popular casino card game where the player with the best hand wins the pot. There are many versions of poker games online but Texas Hold’em holds the edge due to its popularity and providing frequent freebies.

Baccarat - many versions

Baccarat is a card table game played between the player and the banker. It is a game of luck, where you bet on the hand that is close to nine. Many players are attracted to the game as it is also a game of luck more than strategy. 2 to 1 Baccara, Punto 2000, and Asian Stud are some of the popular versions of the game.

Progressive Jackpot games - Cleopatra’s Gold

Progressive jackpot games increase in prize money every time the jackpot isn’t won. Who played last is irrelevant and the jackpot keeps swelling until someone eventually wins. Progressive Jackpot games are very popular as jackpots can be won even from very small bets.

Cleopatra’s Gold stands out among the best progressive jackpot games due to its interface, bright features, and side games developed in Egyptian themes.

Video Poker

If skills at a casino carry value, Video Poker is the best option. Playing with a well-versed strategy can give you good payouts and improves your chances of beating the AI. There are many versions available on online casino platforms with varying RTPs.