Draw No Bet is a type of wager where the possibility of the outcome as a tie is eliminated. Punters use this type of bet when they have to choose between two teams winning but can’t rule out the possibility of it ending in a tie or draw.

Betting in the conventional 1x2 market involves three outcomes - Win, Draw/Tie and Loss. The punter wins the bet when the result that has been betted on is achieved. Suppose the game ends in a draw, the wager is lost despite the other team not winning the game. 

Draw No Bet allows the punter to account for the game ending in a tie or draw and still earn marginal profits on the wager. It serves as a shock-absorber considering the game ends in a draw and helps cover the stake. It is a popular option among those who want to minimize risk.

The ideal time to bet in this market would be in two instances

  • Punter wants to back a side which has lesser odds of winning with the security of a draw.
  • Punter wants to protect the stake in case the draw is a real possibility.

How does Draw No Bet market work?

Draw No Bet eliminates the possibility of the game ending in a draw for the punter. When the punter places the bet, it is split into two, the side that has been bet on and the game ending in a draw.

For example, in a football match, Manchester United take on Everton at home. In a conventional 1x2 betting market, there would be three outcomes - Manchester United win, draw and Everton win. Considering the punter bets on Everton, the wager will be lost if the game ends in a draw or Manchester United win. Instead, when the punter bets in a Draw No Bet market, if Everton win, the wager is won but if the game ends in a draw the punter gets back the entire stake. However, as the stake is split into two outcomes, the profit margins are lower in this wager.

The conversion formula for Draw No Bet in case the bet is on Team ‘A’ = (1- (1/1X2 draw odds)) * 1X2 odds for the team ‘A’.

Understanding Draw No Bet market with an example

In a cricket test match, England play India at Trent Bridge. The regular odds for this game are India 3.50, Draw 3.80 and England 1.90. Suppose you place a Draw No Bet on India of ₹100 winning the test match. Considering the game ends in a draw, the entire ₹100 will be returned to you by the bookmaker. But, if India wins the game the returns would not be based on the regular odds (3.50), but the Draw No Bet formula will be used. The odds will be (1-(1/3.80))*3.5= 2.57. So if India wins, you get ₹257 but if England wins, you lose the ₹100.

How to make Draw No Bet predictions?

  • To make the best out of the Draw No Bet market, the punter should have loads of statistics and historical data of the teams involved in the game. Looking at form tables, head-to-head statistics and home and away data can be very helpful.
  • Analysing individual player performance can also go a long way in developing an insight into how the result will pan out for a game.
  • Choosing the right bookmaker is important in this market. A bookmaker with frequent Draw No Bet markets will help the punter choose the correct options while betting.
  • Using Draw No Bet on games which have a very low possibility of ending in a tie is one of the best ways to place a bet. Tournaments like the Indian Premier League which have a definite results will help the punter maximize their profits while taking advantage of risk reduction.
  • Betting on less popular games could be a great option as the odds are usually higher. With heavy research, the Draw No Bet market will help the punters to earn more.

Draw No Bet vs Double Chance vs Asian Handicaps

Draw No Bet is very similar to Double Chance and Asian Handicap. The risk of losing the stake is minimized in these markets. But, there are important differences between them.

Double Chance allows the punter to club the win and the tie as a result into one. Draw No Bet cushions the stake and is returned in case of a draw. Double Chance combines the odds for the win and the draw into one, thus with both results giving the same returns.

Asian Handicaps also allow the punter to bet with it being returned in case of a draw. The variation is that the difference in abilities between the two teams in the game is also accounted for. If the teams are equally matched, the handicap is level but a positive or negative handicap is applied to the odds if there is a difference in abilities between the two teams.

Betting sites that offer Draw No Bet markets

Bet365, 10CRIC and Parimatch provide the punters with opportunities in Draw No Bet markets.