Ludo is a board game played between two to four players. The game involves a strategy where players race their tokens from start to finish according to the number on the roll of the dice

The game of Ludo is derived from the game Pachisi, a cross and circle board game that finds its origin in ancient India. It is said to have been popular during the reigns of Akbar and the Mughal emperors. 

Earlier, Ludo was also popularly called Chaupur, Patolli and Parque in different parts of the world. The modern game of Ludo that features a cubic die was established by Alfred Collier of England in 1896. 

How to play Ludo online?

To play Ludo online is quite easy. Players need to first select a website that offers Ludo as a casino option and sign up. Once done, they need to pick the Ludo table and click on the play option. 

Most bookmakers also have an app where punters can select the game directly and enjoy the playing experience.

What are the rules of Ludo? 

Online ludo is largely a casino game that involves moving the four chosen coloured pawns around the board to the identical coloured home in the center. The movement of the pawns in Ludo is based on the number on the roll of the dice. 

In online Ludo, players need to select a chip value for the amount they wish to wager on. Players can accordingly punt on the number on the dice after every spin. To start the game, players need to first roll a six on the dice to unlock one of the four pawns. 

Thereafter, the number on every roll of the dice is the number of moves the unlocked pawn can make. Most of the casinos have multipliers throughout the Ludo board (1x, 2x, 3x) that allow punters to win multiple times the amount of their placed bet. 

How to place bets playing Ludo?

Placing bets on Ludo is quite simple. In the beginning, punters need to select a chip value. The value of the chip is equivalent to the amount a player wishes to wager on. 

Players can also place their bets on the number that turns up on the roll of the dice except at the start where the dice is rolled to unlock the pawns. Most bookmakers do not allow players to increase their bet amount in the middle of the game. To increase bets, punters need to altogether select the option of a new game once again.  

How to win in Ludo?

One of the basic goals of playing Ludo is to get all the same coloured pawns home before the opponent. There is no fixed strategy for winning in Ludo, although players can enhance their winning probability by understanding the playing pattern of their opponent(s). 

Also, it is important for punters to understand the rules of the game thoroughly as rules for the game may vary with casinos. 

How to earn more coins in Ludo?

Ludo is one of the most popular casino games amongst Indian audiences. There are a number of ways punters can earn more coins through the game. Some of the options are

7 Up-down feature

The feature allows punters to spin two dice and predict if the total count will be more or less than seven. Right prediction allows players to earn a hefty amount, sometimes more than double the amount bet. 

Spinning lucky wheel

A number of bookmakers have the option of spinning the lucky wheel. The feature allows punters to earn coins every four hours. 

Playing more matches

Playing more matches helps players earn more coins. Ludo offers an option to play with friends as well as random players, thereby providing plenty of opportunities to earn more coins. Most bookmakers also reward players for finishing second and third in Ludo. 

What are the popular sites for Ludo betting?

Parimatch and 10CRIC are the popular sites that have Ludo betting options.